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Bummer Summer

Well guys and dolls it's been one hell of a year so far at the Pennsylvania Hot Rod Company...

As many of you may already know, we had TONS of totally bitchin’ plans to make the events you love bigger and better than ever this year! Unfortunately, in 2020, bigger is no longer an option.

We couldn’t wait to bring back our Picnic and Cruise back for a second year! We had even teamed up with the Borough of New Brighton to bring you their annual cruise as well! You could say it was shaping up to be one boss summer for the Pennsylvania Hot Rod Company.

Then, the world threw a wrench named COVID-19 into the gears.

We’re not sure if you’ve caught up on current events lately, but large gatherings (i.e. our car shows) are frowned upon and pretty big ‘no-no’s’ at the moment. State and federal regulations are pretty stiff on such things, and we would never want to put our friends, customers, and community in harm’s way.

So ultimately, both of our events had to be cancelled.

We know … we’re upset too.

Whether we like it or not, we too have had to change how we go about business. Now, don't worry too much, that's not going to stop us from giving you the best service, quality parts, and badass rides you love (as always).

It’s been one bummer summer, but we’re not going to let that get us down. We still plan to host our cruise and team up with New Brighton again in 2021 to put together the cruises you know and love.

Until then, the Company will keep on keepin’ on and looking toward the future thanks to all of the support from our clients and friends!

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